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Application areas of ozone disinfection

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Application areas of ozone disinfection

Application areas of ozone disinfection


1. Drinking water treatment/tap water advanced treatment brief introduction
Ozone has been widely used in all aspects of the water treatment process as a means of advanced water treatment. Our company has applied ozone to the drinking water treatment process and has many years of experience. The nature of ozone And the application results in drinking water treatment prove that the ozone method is the most advanced and reliable treatment process in the current drinking water treatment process. It has strong bactericidal ability, and no secondary pollution (residual poison) is produced in the water after ozone treatment. The excess ozone will be quickly decomposed into oxygen instead of chlorine forming chloramine, chloroform and other carcinogens in the water, so it is recognized worldwide It is the safest disinfectant.

2. Brief description of swimming pool water treatment
Chlorine will react with organic matter in the water to produce chloroform, chloroform, etc. These substances are recognized as carcinogenic and mutagenic. When a person swims, these toxic substances will be absorbed by the body (the body can absorb 500 ml of water per hour in water). Chlorinated organic compounds in water can also irritate people's eyes and skin, causing red eyes and skin rashes. Ozone is the strongest oxidant. It can effectively decompose the corrosive substances in the water, oxidize the iron and manganese ions in the water, and decompose the tiny organisms that scatter light in the water, thereby greatly improving the clarity of the water. After the ozone disinfection treatment, the swimming pool water can be greatly reduced The dosage of chlorine preparations reduces the harm to the human body.

3. Brief introduction of food processing
The application of ozone in the food industry mainly has three aspects: one is the sterilization and disinfection of the air in the production workshop and the surface of equipment, utensils and work clothes; the other is the sterilization and purification of production and processing water and the preparation of high-concentration ozone disinfectant; The third is cold storage disinfection and food preservation.

4. Brief description of washing
Ozone is a strong oxidant, and because ozone has a strong bleaching effect, it can not only bleach hospital bed sheets, tablecloths and towels in major restaurants, but also remove blood stains, oil stains, and stains to achieve cleanliness. , The role of bleaching. A washing machine equipped with an ozone generator, during the washing process, the ozone generated by the ozone generator is fully dissolved in the washing water to form super sterilizing ozone water, which can not only completely remove stains, fully wash clothes, but also make clothes bright ,soft. Moreover, ozone has a significant inactivation effect on almost all germs, and the sterilization is rapid, which completely eliminates the possibility of cross infection.

5. Brief description
of sewage treatment In sewage treatment, the product obtained after the reaction of ozone and organic matter is easily biochemically degraded and has no obvious toxicity. Ozone can completely remove pollutants without causing secondary pollution, and can reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), remove nitrite, suspended solids, and decolor and deodorize. The combined process of ozone and activated carbon or hydrogen peroxide is currently the most effective way to remove water pollutants and is currently an important means of sewage treatment.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the flue gas emitted by coal-fired boilers such as desulfurization and denitrification thermal power plants, waste incineration power stations, etc., are exposed to solar ultraviolet rays in the atmospheric environment, resulting in smog pollution formed by photochemical and thermochemical reactions (gas and Particulate matter) phenomenon is called photochemical smog.

Using ozone oxidation technology can get a higher NOX removal rate, the typical removal range is 70% to 90%, even up to 95%, and can maintain high efficiency under different NOX concentrations and NO/NO2 ratios. There is no similar leakage problem of NH3 in SCR.

The advanced oxidation technology using ozone not only has a good removal effect on NOX, but also has a certain ability to remove other harmful pollutants in the flue gas, such as heavy metal mercury.
With the increasing market demand for denitration, the development momentum of oxidation absorption technology at home and abroad is getting stronger. At present, the use of ozone for desulfurization and denitrification has mature engineering application cases abroad.

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