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Principle of ozone disinfection

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Principle of ozone disinfection

Principle of ozone disinfection


1. Introduction to Ozone

The development of ozone technology has a history of more than one hundred years. With the development of science and technology, the technologies related to ozone generators such as power supply, dielectric materials, gas source equipment and control and detection have made great progress. The ozone production rate is improved, energy consumption is saved, and operating conditions are also improved.

2. Ozone disinfection technology
Ozone is composed of an oxygen molecule () carrying an oxygen atom (), and it and oxygen are allotropes. Compared with oxygen, ozone has a large specificity, is light blue with a pungent odor, and is easily soluble in water. Under standard pressure and temperature (STP), its solubility is 13 times larger than oxygen and 25 times larger than air.

Ozone has a very strong oxidizing ability, and its redox potential is second only to F2, which is mainly used in its application. The standard electrode potential of ozone is lower than fluorine, and higher than oxidants such as oxygen, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate, indicating that ozone has the strongest oxidizing ability among commonly used oxidants.

In actual use, ozone exhibits outstanding sterilization, disinfection, and strong oxidation effects, and is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum bactericide and strong oxidant. Ozone can oxidize and denature the protein shell of bacteria, fungi and other bacteria, and can kill bacterial propagules and dental cells, viruses, fungi, etc. Common Escherichia coli, Streptococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus, etc., have a killing rate of over 99%. Ozone can also kill hepatitis viruses, cold viruses, etc. Ozone quickly and uniformly in the indoor air, disinfecting without dead ends. At the same time, the product after the ozone reaction is oxygen, so ozone is an efficient green oxidant with no secondary pollution.

3. The principle of ozone disinfection
With the help of the strong oxidation ability of ozone, the cell wall and RNA of bacteria are destructed, and DNA, RNA, protein, lipid, polysaccharide and other macromolecular polymers are decomposed. It can penetrate into the cell membrane tissue to cause permeability distortion of cells, resulting in decomposition and death of cells. In addition, it can also resolve and make dead the DNA, bacterial parasite and other contents inside the body of the dead bacteria so as to realize the purpose of sterilization.

4. Features of ozone disinfection

Compared with conventional disinfection and sterilization methods, ozone disinfection and sterilization methods have the following characteristics:

● Broad-spectrum high efficiency
When the water contains a certain concentration of ozone (0.3~0.6mg/L), it has a strong oxidative destructive effect on the internal structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and can achieve the effect of killing bacteria. When the ozone concentration in the water reaches more than 1mg/L, it can kill harmful microorganisms such as spores, viruses, fungi, and protozoan cysts. Ozone can kill viruses and cysts that chlorine cannot.

● Fast and convenient
 Ozone sterilization speed is 600~3000 times faster than chlorine, and the ozone concentration in the water is above 0.3mg/L, which can kill all bacterial propagules within 1 minute. When the ozone concentration in air pollution is above 15ppm, the sterilization rate can reach 99% when airtight for 15-30 minutes

● High degree of cleanliness is
 disinfected with chlorine-containing disinfectants. The by-products produced are all harmful to the human body and easily cause secondary pollution. The final product of ozone sterilization is only oxygen without secondary pollution, which is true. Green disinfection technology".

● Versatility

In addition to disinfection, decolorization, and oxidation, ozone also has a strong function of removing mildew, fishy, ​​odor and other odors. It has obvious anti-mold and moth-proof effects on raw materials and auxiliary materials. It is good for garbage dumps, sewage treatment plants, and slaughterhouses. Significant deodorization effect;

● Economical
Use ozone for disinfection and sterilization, the sterilization process time is short (only a few minutes), and the operating cost is low, which is unattainable by all other disinfection methods.

5. The principle
Ozone generation methods based on principle can be classified into photochemical function, electrochemical function, atomic radiation and corona discharge. Wherein, corona discharge is widely applied to ozonator. The basic principle of generating ozone with the corona discharge method is the ozonator which consists of one pair of electrodes, dielectric and discharging gap. When AC high voltage is imposed to two electrodes, high-speed electrons and oxygen molecules impact with each other, corona discharge occurs in the gap under the action of external high energy, oxygen gases are ionized, concentration of oxygen ions in the gap increases significantly, oxygen ions and oxygen molecules react with each other to generate ozone. The generation process is also a process of thermal reaction where heat energy is released.

The corona discharge method is currently the most widely used ozone generation mode for ozone generators. It is mainly composed of the following parts: inner electrode, outer electrode, discharge gap, power supply and heat dissipation components. According to the difference of discharge interface, corona discharge can be divided into tube discharge and plate discharge.

Tubular discharge: The discharge tube has various materials and is the main form of corona discharge ozone generator. Small-size discharge tubes have the characteristics of low cost and low processing accuracy, so they are widely used in small-size ozone generators. However, large-size corona discharge tubes have the disadvantages of uneven discharge gap, high energy consumption, low output, and easy dielectric breakdown.

Plate discharge: The plate discharge plate has the advantages of easy high-precision standardized production of the discharge plate, uniform discharge gap, and low energy consumption. The plate-type discharge with water cooling has high efficiency and high ozone concentration.

Weigu Environmental Protection has always adhered to the process route of the plate ozone generator. We have a professional R&D team. In practice, the process technology has been continuously improved and improved. It has been proven in a large number of practical applications: the advantage of the plate ozone generator is the tube type. What can't be replaced by ozone

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